Incontinence Treatment Super Northampton

Are you suffering from incontinence? 

Are you considering surgery?

Are you living with embarrassment and a limited lifestyle?

EM Chair

Incontinence Treatment Super Northampton

If you are contemplating incontinence treatment, combining it with our non-invasive body sculpting offers an additional strengthening treatment.

This synergy leads to accelerated and enduring results, enhancing your well-being.

What Is Incontinence
Treatment Super Northampton?

Treatment 1 EM Chair:

Stronger, Healthier pelvic floor. Non Invasive Inner Core Treatment

Treatment 2 Tone Sculpt:

Burn Fat & Build Muscle, Tone & Sculpt Your Body, In Just 30 Minutes


Combined Treatments Save You Over 55%

Incontinence Treatment Super Northampton

Treatment for Incontinence:

Our innovative treatment effectively targets and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles by utilizing electromagnetic energy.

By stimulating supramaximal contractions, this therapy aids in restoring muscle control and addressing both urinary and fecal incontinence. 

Enhancing Core Strength:

Through the employment of our cutting-edge EM Tone Sculpt machine, we offer body sculpting techniques that not only build and repair muscles, but also aid in alleviating incontinence-related muscle pain.

When combined with EM Chair, this comprehensive approach provides a complete solution, enhancing muscle density and toning the body simultaneously.

INterested in Incontinence Treatment super Northampton?
types of faecal incontinence

To obtain expert advice, personalized treatment, and superior results for urinary and faecal incontinence, booking a consultation with the esteemed Lipo Sculpt Northampton is highly recommended.

Their team of specialist consultants and therapists offers a comprehensive range of treatments for these conditions.

During the consultation, they will thoroughly discuss all available options with you and provide tailored recommendations based on your specific needs. All our treatments are FDA approved and fully non invasive and safe.

With their extensive expertise in this field, rest assured that the treatment you receive will be effective and long-lasting.