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  • Do you get upset when you look in the mirror, even when wearing new clothes?
  • Fed up of working out and that Stubborn Fat never shifts?
  • And the great culprit is that fat area on your body then help is here.
  • Do you wish for a more lean toned body?

This is a guide to how areas are defined and the costs.

definition of an area:

Multi treatment and multi-person discounts

For some a single treatment in a specific area will be sufficient, for most a series of treatments in the same area spaced 6 weeks apart will be required to obtain the desired results, usually 2 or 3.

This has major cumulative benefits compared to single treatments.

We offer a range of discounts for booking of multiple treatments along with additional discounts for multiple person treatments.

For more details of available multi treatment and multi-person discounts, please contact us.

July 2024 Promotion!

Single person session treatment: 

2 persons session treatment: